Hayashi Racing Santos

The Hayashi Racing Santos (sometimes Santos Sunboss) is a simple mesh wheel that comes with a beautiful polished aero cover that fits over four extended wheel assembly bolt pins.  Hayashi describes the wheel as a five piece design, with the wheel itself, a typical three-piece mesh design with front mounted centre.  Detailed images of the disk have not been seen, but from Hayashi’s description, we might assume that it itself is a two piece design, with the brushed aluminum centre section being separate from the gold coloured rim section that holds it down.

While some aero covers are designed to assist with brake cooling, the Santos cover is either aimed at reducing drag, or just simply looking bad ass.  It does the latter quite successfully, but perhaps at the cost of boiling ones brakes.

Diameters were fifteen inch only, and in alignment with the coloured aero disk, the mesh pattern was available in either silver or gold.  Widths went from 6J to 8J.  As far as we can tell this wheel was only in 1984 catalogs.  It is ultra-rare today.

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