Hayashi Racing Street Mag

The Hayashi Racing Street Mag, was a Hayashi wheel unlike any other, for the fact that it was made in Italy, not Japan.  Campagnolo did the casting.  True to its name, the wheel was constructed from magnesium, or rather Campagnolo’s proprietary Elektron alloy blend which offered some of the weight savings of magnesium without compromising wear and corrosion issues like magnesium.

These two factors caused the price of the wheel to swell dramatically: almost double the cost of a traditional Japanese cast aluminum Street.  Only 14 6J +15 in PCD114.3 was offered, and in 1984, a single would cost you a whopping 45000円.

Where the basic Street model is quite common today, the Street Mag is extremely rare, and a great find for those who love the Street but are looking for something extra special.



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