Enkei Apache I (4H)

The Enkei Apache line launched in late 1978 with the first version having sharp flat spokes and a very “square” appearance.  The center cap even had four flat sides, although the five hole (and five spoke) version of the wheel got a conventional round centre cap.  Early centre caps simple said “Enkei”, while later ones used the image of a traditionally dressed Native-American man. (If I am being politically correct, Enkei certainly was not at the time.)  Advertisements for the wheel used the same imagery, and talked about rebels and war.

Aside from centre caps, the Apache I, is fairly void of detail.  Sizes ran up to 8J though, and weights were quite competitive with 14 6J sizes being under 5.5kg.  It is not widely loved however, perhaps due to it’s somewhat ungainly appearance, and often sells for quite reasonable prices relative to comparable wheels.

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アパッチ, エンケイ


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