Suzuka Long Champ M-1


The Long Champ M-1 is the first three-spoke wheel to appear in the JAWA Bible with release date in May of 1979.  With a relatively short production period (appears to have been less than three years), the wheel is quite rare today, and a favourite of three spoke lovers.  The design and marketing of the wheel was done by Suzuka Sangyo, who left production up to Speed Star Co.  That meant beautiful Speed Star quality, and wonderfully aggressive sizing options.  The wheel was available in 13 and 14 inch diameters, with width up to 10J! Red and Silver centre sections were available, as were unique black shell sections, for an extra cost of 1000円 per wheel.  Only 4H PCD was offered: 114.3 and 120mm.

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Long Champ M-1



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