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Quentin Osborne learned to love cars in the 80's, growing up in a family repair shop. He is now a professional driving instructor and event manager focused on promoting driving safety and skill through practical involvement in motorsports.

You may not have heard of Topy Enterprises. That is forgivable. Although Topy has been producing wheels for more than 85 years, and today is a huge multi-national manufacturer, their focus has tended more towards commercial endeavours. They have served as a manufacturer for OEM application wheels (Nissan and Isuzu), […]

Topy Jovite

Target these! The wheel of a sophisticated man: 3-piece Command. In racing, a 3-piece wheel has merit because, strength and rigidity and lightness can be maintained while making the rim wide. A 3-piece wheel however, though theoretically superior, cannot achieve a high rating unless it is accompanied by advanced technology.  With […]

Hayashi Command